Sprigs – Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery patterns of sprigs. Children pick them for their mothers, so sweet.

6 thoughts on “Sprigs – Embroidery Patterns”

  1. I prefer regular DMC cotton or vintage Coats and Clark. I’ve got a collection of pearl but mostly I stick with 3 strands of the cotton…it’s inexpensive and available just about everywhere.

  2. Im just getting started with all the different types of embroidery. And nobody says what type of floss they’re using, there’s so many now .

  3. recently took a few classes on embroidery and I was told to look at your site…you have nice stuff…..thank you for a few free patterns…gives me something to practice my embroidery…thanks so much

  4. Me neither! The women before us loved them for their beauty…no matter if they ever came close to a hot iron or being stitched.

  5. What a lovely collection! I am unable to do many things, and thus am on a Disability Pension. So I have been exploring crafts I can do from my bed. (I need to have my feet elevated.) Any craft is a challenge, as I have damaged nerves, mostly in my hands and feet. (I.e.: neuropathy.) I sought out your roses, which I intend to use in cardmaking. I want to thank you for making these available for people to use. You are very kind. Many thanks – Jacqueline.

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