Medium Edgings – Embroidery Patterns

medium edgings embroidery patterns

These medium width embroidery patterns of edgings are just middle of the road; not too wide and not too narrow. Steady on.


4 thoughts on “Medium Edgings – Embroidery Patterns”

  1. The cool thing about small designs like edgings is that they get finished in my lifetime. Thanks.

  2. Nigel, the designs posted here are from my private collection. I’m not familiar with the Laura Ashley transfers but they were probably very large if meant for a wall. Good luck in your search!

  3. Laura Ashley used to sell a range of decorative borders that were applied by transfer. The printed border was soaked in water and then applied to the top of the wall. When rubbed, the intricate border pattern was transferred to the wall.
    Laura Ashley no longer sell these.
    Do you stock such borders or can you tell me where I could buy them?
    Many thanks,
    Nigel Williams

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