Oriental Embroidery Patterns

asian gate embroidery transfer

Far out Oriental embroidery patterns from the far east.



4 thoughts on “Oriental Embroidery Patterns”

  1. FYI: the Chinese characters on the top two embroidery transfer designs are printed incorrectly – you would need to do a mirror reflection of these characters to make them look right again.

  2. Most everything on this site is vintage and to my knowledge in the public domain so it’s not really a certain collection, just patterns that I’ve collected over the years. I’m always scouting thrift stores and estate sales for more patterns to post!

  3. Holy wow! Thank you for all these great patterns! I especially love “dragon1.jpg”, which give me reasons to suspect that the original designer might have been inspired by a Chinese lion. Do you accept patterns submitted by other sources? Or is there a certain collection you’re trying to scan in and organize…? (I don’t want to make more work for you. ^^;)

    Thank you again! たいへんどうも!

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