Floral Borders and Edgings Embroidery Patterns

floral border embroidery patterns

These embroidery patterns of borders are open to interpretation. Borders can also be edgings (as edgings can be borders as well) but we’re calling a border a design that doesn’t necessarily repeat like most edgings do. Pillowcases fall into this category as do floral sprays and yes, they can repeat if you want them to!



7 thoughts on “Floral Borders and Edgings Embroidery Patterns”

  1. Once you save the image to your computer you can print in the size desired and then trace to your fabric. Tracing can be done with a transfer pen that converts it to a hot iron transfer or you can tape the image and fabric to a sunny window and trace with a pencil or washable marker.

  2. I made a set of bath towels for my mother using this pattern and she absolutely loved them. Thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I cannot wait to start my next project.

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