Bib Wearing Animals Baby Quilt Embroidery Patterns

elephant - bib set

Zoo animals wearing bibs. Cuteness factor = 10.


29 thoughts on “Bib Wearing Animals Baby Quilt Embroidery Patterns”

  1. Would like to know if anyone has the Baby’s Pets embroidery quilt transfer pattern with lamb, bear and bunny. I have lost the last few pages. Thanks so much for any help!

  2. You’re welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying the patterns. Every time we stitch them up we are keeping the art alive.

  3. Finding suitable motifs for little boys has ended with the discovery of your vintage designs. Enlarged, I can use the design as a central panel on a crib quilt. Reduced in size, this dear bunny will personalized store bought bibs, sacques, onesies. burb cloths, etc.
    Thank you again. Delia

  4. You’re most welcome! I hope you get to meet your great grandchild someday and present your wonderful gifts.

  5. Love these baby quilt patterns. I’m 69 and making a “Baby quilt Hope Chest” Hope to be a Great Gandmother someday! 🙂
    Thank You for the free patterns!

  6. Awesome you’re a sweetheart. Thank you again!! I’ll send you an image once I get it started and you can see pattern clearly. I’ve promised my sister a afghan for 2 yrs now and I’m ready to give it a try, had stroke 8/2008. I’ve made hats and scarfs within past 3 wks. Maria

  7. I was having a hard time finding cute quilt blocks to embroider for a baby quilt and I am having a field day trying to decide which transfers to use. Thank you for this site.

  8. I love these patterns, thank you so much for making them available…over the years I’ve lost so many of my patterns, it is a delight to find these.

  9. You’re most welcome! I’m expecting a grandson in September and I had better get to work on his quilt 🙂

  10. Just came across your site. I have been looking for cute patterns for baby quilts – so many new babies in the family! And I need lots of quilts! I will be doing mostly embroidery, but some of these just cry out for applique – so I just may have to oblige them! Thank you for this site and the inspiration!! You are a dream ~ Blessings. ~Kat

  11. Just ‘stumbled’ across your site. I am amazed at all the wonderful transfers / patterns!! They are all so cute!!
    These take me back in ‘history’.
    Many Thanks~~~Patricia~~~

  12. Downloading the patterns is easy! Simply click on the image and right click to save to your computer. Once you’ve printed them out then use your favorite transfer method to get the image to your fabric.

  13. It’s kinda cool how the patterns can be used in so many ways. I often use them in scrapbooking and they are also suitable for ceramics too. Fun stuff!

  14. Thank you . All of your patterns are very nice. I’m going to make cards with the selected ones and thank my kids for their nice anniversary gift to me and their dad. I’ll use paper paints and it will look just like embroidering.

  15. Thank you for the pattern, I do a lot of quilts for preemie and other babies and donate to hospitals! I am always looking for new things to make.

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