Wild Rose Applique Quilt Block Pattern

wild rose applique quilt pattern

wild rose applique pattern

This applique pattern is sized for quilt blocks but since the pattern is all on one page it would be a simple matter to downsize it for clothing.

To download the free Wild Rose templates in one pdf file click here

10 thoughts on “Wild Rose Applique Quilt Block Pattern”

  1. You are most welcome! There used to be a wonderful market for quilts until everything was outsourced to China so now quilters that wanted to make some extra money really can’t compete. Maybe the Amish are still able to sell their quilts at a price nearly their worth. Over ten years ago I made some quilted tote bags as a replacement for plastic shopping bags and they are still going strong!

  2. Thank you so much for the PDF size templates for the Dahlia and Wild Rose appliques. I doubt I’ll make a quilt, maybe just some potholders. I just recently ordered a quilt pattern book, not an expensive one, I admit that, and was so disappointed that the templates were no longer in the old sizes that one could just trace to make the actual quilt block designs. Thank you for making it so simple to do something constructive with my free time and empty hands.
    Wow, can you believe some of the “handiwork” on the internet–like art masterpieces! I guess there must be an incredible amount of quilting bees going on everywhere or a big demand for long-armed sewing machines. I’ve seen one in my little town, at the fabric-you make the quilt or we can make it for you–just buy the fabric here. They had quilting fabric galore and were reasonably priced, but I don’t think there is a really big market for quilts where I live. It’s October and still in the 90’s feeling like the 100’s. Thanks for the easy to use templates. I really should take a drawing class, there used to be a free one at the senior citizen’s center, but I didn’t qualify. (I was trying to get my elderly mother to do a little bit of artwork like she had done earlier in her life. She needed constant supervision due to early onset dementia so I wanted to participate while I sat in class with her.) Even so, the class instructor, a wonderful older gentleman, allowed me to sit in and participate if I wanted to. That upset those up at the front desk that had already said I couldn’t, so I didn’t. I didn’t want him to be scolded or anything. Some people are so nice, like you. Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it and will not sell your patterns.

  3. I’m not sure about how Macs work but you should be able to save the image to your computer as you would any other picture or photo.

  4. Love applique and this wild rose pattern seems to call to me from somewhere deep in my past. Thank you for the free pattern. I will enjoy it very much.

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