Romantic Couples Embroidery Patterns

romantic couple embroidery

Embroidery patterns of romantic couples and a set of colonial courtship.


14 thoughts on “Romantic Couples Embroidery Patterns”

  1. My momma had these and I remember the packaging saying it was called hillbilly romance. Thank you so much for posting these I have looked all over for hers but can’t find them. I just recently was able to bring myself to go threw her dish towel material and instantly thought of these.

  2. Sorry, Audra, I haven’t seen the pattern you describe. Most of the DOW chore patterns are of women and not couples. It’s probably a mail order pattern like Alice Brooks that wasn’t as widely circulated as Vogart, Superior or Workbasket.

  3. I am searching for a particular pattern that I think is close to this, It is a day of the week pattern , quite vintage. it always has a couple in the kitchen doing variety of chores He has a thick part down the center simillar to this only a little longer and she has ringlets and a bow in every pattern, I have looked for weeks over the internet. Our family recently lost Granpa and I would love to surprise my sister in law with the pattern so that she could complete the set. It is missing Sundays dish towel. I have photo’s of the set but cant seem to post them here. Do you have any idea what pattern this is that I am describing?

  4. Sorry, I don’t have any information on this pattern. This is an old numotype and back then the transfer sheets rarely had any company markings. The only way to know it’s origin would be if it were in the original envelope. I bought them at an estate sale and they would just loose in a box.

  5. I was wondering if you knew the exact name to this pattern? I MIGHT enter this series into a embroidery contest, or just the homecoming one, i think your site is involed in the contest, thats how i found your site? maybe… anyhow if you know the name to this I would love to have that information for the contest and for myself so i can find similar patterns in the future! Thank you again for this and the others, I LOVE this vintage embroidery world and am really enjoying working on them.

  6. thank you for these patterns! I’m a newleywed and an embroiderer! I also downloaded a few of your other patterns, love these story ones , day of the week, and chores, so fun!!! cant wait to work on these thank you for so many wonderful and free patterns

  7. I have no idea why “the trip” wasn’t linking to the full size image but it’s fixed now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  8. I love your site & the patterns – I was wondering if you have the “The Trip” pattern available for download? I have d/l the rest, but that one doesn’t have a link to it.


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