Random Fruit and Vegetables Embroidery Patterns

Not a single calorie in these food embroidery patterns.

31 thoughts on “Random Fruit and Vegetables Embroidery Patterns”

  1. It would depend on how you size the pineapple when printing. I have hoops in many sizes but I use the 6″ hoop for just about everything because the larger ones tend to slip for me and I like the fabric taut.

  2. You’re very welcome and congratulations! Quilts are love blankets, bringing joy to the maker and the recipient.

  3. How funny. I was born in 1947 but am now awaiting the birth of my first grand grandchild in March next year. My granddaughter had asked for a quilt for a baby. I just stumbled across these lovely old patterns…must get plying with the needle…thank you so much for sharing the patterns. You bring joy to many people by doing so.

  4. You are most welcome! I’m happy that the art lives on and hopefully the youngsters will enjoy stitching as much as we do.

  5. Thank you for all your free patterns, I am doing dish towels at my age of 65 and I am looking forward for all of your patterns. Thanks. I could not believe it.

  6. I have a window shelf with fruity china, etc. on it. These designs will look perfect on an embroidered valance for the window itself. Thanks so much!

  7. I have the exact same transfers that my grandmother gave me years ago. They are from 1947 I believe. I’ve actually used a few of them.

  8. How absolutely wonderful! I can see them in white or natural colors on the backs of vests for musicians. The cellist in the family almost deserves it!

  9. I’ve got a copy of a little vegatable head doll. The original is from about the 1880’s. I knew he had relatives somewhere! These are wonderfully imagenative.

  10. Oh my God, how absolutely marvelous!!!! I am a lifelong vegetarian. This is such a gift. Thank you so much.

  11. Sorry, there weren’t any instructions included. When I can’t decide on a color scheme, I just do the whole thing in red!

  12. its extra ordinary !!!!!!!! love the strawberry basket .. its easy and the basket is lovely …. am gona make it … lovely – Sri Lanka

  13. The grape pattern is cutwork. You would stich ‘bars’ on the lines and cut away any part of the pattern with an “x”

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