Woven Ribbon Apron Sewing Pattern

Some really interesting aprons could be made with these instructions for weaving ribbon into a wearable apron. For the holidays, maybe try some polyester metallic gold or silver that usually is sold in wired rolls but the wire can be easily removed.

woven ribbon apron sewing patternInstructions:

This apron requires 14 yards black ribbon 7/8-inch wide and 9 yards red ribbon 7/8 -inch wide. On piece of plain wrapping paper mark off an area 13 inches by 21 inches. Cut 14 pieces black ribbon 23 inches long and 21 pieces red ribbon 15 inches long. Pin ends of black ribbon strips side by side on both ends of paper. Weave red strips over and under black ribbon and pin each end into position. Machine stitch around entire edge. Tear paper off. Bind around one long and two short sides with double strip of black ribbon, mitering corners. Stitch outside of ribbon together. Gather top slightly with running stitches. For band and tie, center the woven ribbon between two strips of black ribbon each 36 inches long and sew strips together.

ribbon apron sewing pattern


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