Shell Crochet Stitch and Open Shell Crochet

shell stitch

4 thoughts on “Shell Crochet Stitch and Open Shell Crochet”

  1. Pat. 23sts is a multiple of 6+5 (ex 6×3=18 plus your 5 =23 ) hope this helps you fig it out not sure what they are making to start with 23sts

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  3. I believe this is helpful if you were going to make a longer chain so that you would chain in multiples of 6 for crocheting the shells. The last shell in the chain would have a foundation of 5 stitches.

  4. Am looking. At a book. It. Says. Make. A foundation chain of. 23. Stitches. I. Get that. What does the following mean”multiple of 6 plus 5″

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