How To Crochet Left Handed

Disclaimer: I’m not left handed so I can only present the instructions and can’t help beyond that!

First make a loop by grasping thread, one or two inches from the end, between thumb and forefinger of right hand, holding main lenght of thread in the left hand, bring it across in front of short end, forming a loops as shown in Fig. 1.

Holding loop in left hand, insert hook in loop just formed, catch main length of thread and pull through loop (Fig. 2), pull both threads to tighten loop on the hook. You are now ready to make the first chain stitch. Do not remove the hook

Hold hook in left hand as show in Fig. 3, hold main thread in right hand, wrap thread once around little finger, bring thread in front of ring and middle fingers and behind forefinger; hold loop between and middle finger of right hand, pass hook under thread (called a “thread over”) with one motion draw through loop making a chain stitch. Master this first stitch before trying any others!


As you probably know, most illustrations are shown in position for the right-handed crocheter. By placing a small mirror to the left of the illustration, you can see the position of crochet hook for the left handed crocheter. The directions for each stitch are the same for both righties and lefties.

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