Henry the Rooster Crochet Pattern Toy Softie

rooster toy crochet pattern

rooster toy crochet pattern

Henry is Henrietta’s mate and most likely the father of her chicks. Well, maybe. Once can never be too sure about such things! This is another fun crochet pattern to add to the rest of the barnyard animals. There are 11 patterns including the boy and girl.

To download the free pattern in PDF format click here.

2 thoughts on “Henry the Rooster Crochet Pattern Toy Softie”

  1. The instructions are quite confusing! Yes, it appears the “same time” instructions would be the pattern for the middle body as the first set are for the head and tail.

  2. I am having problems figuring out this pattern. When it says “in the mean time” when are you supposed to crochet that part of the pattern?

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