Various Animal Embroidery Patterns

Various animals that don’t have their own category (yet!) and don’t belong to any of the baby animal sets.

9 thoughts on “Various Animal Embroidery Patterns”

  1. They are designs for hand embroidery. You can save the images to your computer, print them out and trace them directly onto fabric or trace the lines with a heat transfer pencil and then iron the image onto fabric. You may convert the images to use in machine embroidery but that’s a whole different animal!

  2. Good day, am I not understanding this!!! Is this embroidery print images to be transfer to your blocks and the stitch out! or is it available to stitch from your embroidery machine, I am looking for the files for embroidery machines

  3. Thanks for posting these. My mom made my sister and I pillow cases with the whole farm of these animals. That was back in the 70’s so I don’t think they are as old as you think. I want to make a set for my daughter so I was very happy to find most of them here on your site.

  4. Thanks!!!!! LOVE LOVE the vintage pig pattern!
    (and to Shirley Pitney, you can use a transfer pencil 🙂 )

  5. How can I get any embroidery transfers with pigs on them? I want to embroidery curtains in my “pig” room.

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