Embroidery Patterns – Animals

Embroidery patterns of animals that are not grouped into the sub-categories below. More animals can be found in the baby quilt sets and in the days-of-the-week-sets.


  1. They are designs for hand embroidery. You can save the images to your computer, print them out and trace them directly onto fabric or trace the lines with a heat transfer pencil and then iron the image onto fabric. You may convert the images to use in machine embroidery but that’s a whole different animal!

  2. Good day, am I not understanding this!!! Is this embroidery print images to be transfer to your blocks and the stitch out! or is it available to stitch from your embroidery machine, I am looking for the files for embroidery machines

  3. Thanks for posting these. My mom made my sister and I pillow cases with the whole farm of these animals. That was back in the 70’s so I don’t think they are as old as you think. I want to make a set for my daughter so I was very happy to find most of them here on your site.

  4. Thanks!!!!! LOVE LOVE the vintage pig pattern!
    (and to Shirley Pitney, you can use a transfer pencil 🙂 )

  5. How can I get any embroidery transfers with pigs on them? I want to embroidery curtains in my “pig” room.

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