Retro Woman DOW Embroidery Pattern Set

retro woman sunday

A set of 7 days of the week embroidery patterns most likely from the 1950s.

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  1. I love your website. I recently took up embroidery again. It was the first craft I learned as a child. Your patterns are soooo cute. Thank you

  2. Thank you over and over again not just for the duckies that are adoraaable but for the Mexican embroidery. They made me laugh and cry! I’m still shaky w/ emotion. They are so hard to find. I have been looking for some time now. Eureka!!! Have you guessed I’m hispanic? Qué gusto me dio!=I was so happy!

    An equal amount of thanks for the embroidery Stitchery guides. Now I can start learning. I’m with the lady that says it might take her 100 or so years to make all these luscious patterns. That’s o.k. My mom is 97 and going strong. Whooo knows.

    You are a sweetheart! Mil gracias, We say a 1000 thanks. LOL

  3. All the patterns are free…just save them as an image file (download button under the image)and print them off….. then transfer to your fabric or medium of your choice.

  4. I’m glad glad you’re finding the patterns useful. It is my pleasure to post them and keep them going for future generations.

  5. We have just found out that we are to become granparents for the first time. Our daughter has always had a thing for ducks. I am just so very glad that I found these patterns. I am so very grateful that you are so willing to share these. I look forward to getting started on the project.

  6. I am ever so glad I found you. I have 5 of the seven of these that my grandmother made; now I can make the other two!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  7. The software that runs your printer should have a menu where you can print actual, fit to page or any size you desire. For example, when I print out designs for quilt blocks as a central motif, I print at “fit to page” so it will be around 8″ Many of the vintage designs are around 4-5 inches for aprons, towels, etc.

  8. Thank you so much for these patterns. I love their cutness! I do have a question, how do I print them off at 100%?

  9. I had an incomplete set of these towels (needed Tuesday and Friday)from my grandmother, who was the one who taught me to sew and embroidery. Thanks to your site, I was able to complete the tea towel set and now have them displayed in my kitchen! Priceless!

  10. The Dutch couple transfers are adorable. I am enjoying your patterns and plan to use them in various way. Thank you very much!!!!

  11. After printing, I just trace over the lines with a quilter’s marking pen. Crayola washable markers work too. A light box can be used to see the lines to trace or the old school way is just taping the image and fabric to a window and use the natural light. Have fun!

  12. What is the easiest way to transfer these pictures onto fabric? What can I use to copy them on computer to fabric?

  13. These will be perfect gifts for my bachelor relatives who are Native. I’m going to stitch on towels. So excited to get started.

  14. I think I did the Sunday one on something for my little boy. I used red and green varagated floss to suggest tartan on the ribbons.

  15. When my children were little they were very tender hearted. So they gathered the snails into a coffee can for their father to release in some uninhabited place on the way to work.

  16. That duck taking a shower is just the cutest thing ever! Would be great on a child’s towel. Maybe bathtime would be easier?

  17. Gunn,

    There is no need to order anything because all the patterns are FREE. Simply click on the download link at the bottom of the image then print and transfer to your fabric using your favorite method.

  18. Gunn Skeibrok Våge

    I am a norwegian,lopving little sunbonnet sue,would you plese tell me where I can order this transfer pattern,regards,GUNN

  19. I don’t have a website. I have started embroidery three months back and came across your site with all the cute patterns.
    Thank you for sharing them. i have taken a few to embroider. Hopefully by the time I finish them I ‘d ‘ve learnt to upload the photographs and create my blog.

  20. The envelope suggests a 2 color scheme of red and blue embroidered on a white background. I think this is because of the gingham check in her dress so the checks are worked in red or blue with the outline and some of the details worked in the opposing color. The envelope is in very poor condition or I’d put up a picture.

  21. Thank you for sharing this cute pattern. I got into embroidery recently. Visit your website often.These patterns are so cute. Wish I knew the stitches that go into making them and the colour scheme as well.

  22. On some of the old vintage patterns Sunday is left off because that was the day of rest. The other six days were the weekly chores. My mother was of that generation, Monday was wash day, Tuesday ironing, Wed. bake day for the week(bread, pies, cakes, then cookies in that order), Thurs. wash again, Friday iron again, and Saturday vacume, cust and scrub. Sunday was bar-b-q day at our house.

  23. You are welcome! I’m glad you’re able to duplicate the quilts and you’ll feel the love from your Great Aunt every time you wrap it around your shoulders.

  24. Thank you for these!! My sister and I had quilts made out of the same exact patterns from our Great Aunt Isabelle who just past… she was 96yrs. We have no idea what happened to the quilts and I want to duplicate them.
    Elisa Montoya

  25. Thank you so much!!! I had these patterns out of my grandmother’s things but somewhere along the line, they got lost. I’m so excited to see them and will be able to embroider them onto towels for my mother for Christmas. Thank you so much!

  26. Thank you! My goal is to keep the old patterns alive and to inspire the next generation of stitchers.

  27. Had the same patterns excluding the days. Put them on t-shirt and painted them. Got alot of complements. You have a fab. collection.

  28. The transfers on this site are free and are for immediate download. As a service to your customers, you may print them out and offer them for free! You probably have the transfer pens available for sale in your shop that are quite handy in transferring the images.

  29. I would love to buy your Dutch transfers. I have a little shop in a traditionally Dutch community and people are always asking for Dutch transfers. How do I order these?

  30. I want to express just how sweet and adorable these vintage ducks are. Their extraordinary and worthy memorabilia! I have to have them. Thank you…you’re a dear for sharing.

  31. Thank you so much for posting these! I have some vintage ones that are similar, but it is a girl, a boy and a burro. Very cute and respectful of culture. If I can figure out how to scan them, I would be happy to send them to you.
    Carrie in Colorado

  32. All the patterns on this site are totally FREE. Simply click on the pattern to bring up the full size and then click on the download icon under the image.

    Sorry, I don’t have them in Spanish, only the English version.

  33. How much are these transfers and do you have them with the days of week in spanish?

    Thank you

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