Birds Days of the Week Embroidery Patterns

cardinal and flowers embroidery pattern

Birds of a feather… and all that… embroidery patterns. A lovely and detailed set!



26 thoughts on “Birds Days of the Week Embroidery Patterns”

  1. It is my pleasure to offer them and keep the art alive. I just recovered some old potholders but didn’t add embroidery…just used up some scraps from the pile that keeps growing.

  2. Hi Cheri, Can’t make a donation, but the least I could do is thank you so very much for all the adorable patterns to choose from. These darling birdies may go either on potholders, or possibly a small quilt. Thank you so much for sharing. Cheryle

  3. Cherie,

    Thank you for such a generous gesture in making this wonderful site for people like me.

    Bless you,


  4. The patterns are free for immediate download to your computer. Simply save and print to the desired size and then transfer to fabric using your favorite method.

  5. You can also print them to any size you desire! The shape of the birds makes it easy to cut an applique to used under the embroidery stitches. I’m glad you are enjoying the patterns and you are most welcome 🙂

  6. I would love some bird tranfers for quilts I can’t afford quilt blocks so I do them this way I’m 85 and don’t have a lot of money


  7. Typically, they’re done in the same colors that appear in nature but I’ve seen them done in all one color such as blue or red. There’s no wrong way to embroider them, just choose the colors that make you happy!

  8. Oh my! I love these! I’m so new to embroidery and really want to stitch these…however I wouldn’t know where to begin to choose the right colors or appropriate stitches. Is there possibly a photo of these all stitched up that I could use as a reference? Simply adorable! Thank you!

  9. This is adorable! I just found your site. I’m an avid cross stitcher trying my hand at more embroidery so this is a cute one to try since I’m familiar with the stitch, lol!
    Can’t wait to try more of your transfers!

  10. Mariette,

    The patterns are right at your fingertips! Simply right click on the image and save to your computer. Print the desired size and then trace onto fabric or use a specialty transfer pencil if you prefer to make the design an iron-on.

  11. I probably have more bird transfers in the stack that has yet to be scanned and posted. Are you looking for something in particular?

  12. Thank you for the bird stencils for embroidery. Do you have any more like these that I could purchase?

  13. I’m also a self-taught quilter and while I don’t hand quilt, I really love hand embroidery. Go figure. Glad you are enjoying the patterns!

  14. Bless your generous heart, Cherie. I just discovered your website today and have almost run the ink cartridge dry. What a wealth of lovely vintage patterns – I am a self taught quilter, now teaching myself to embroider and I find I much prefer vintage to contemporary. They are all charming but the birds are my favourites. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am now off to email this URL to all my stitchy friends! Warmest wishes from Tasmania.

  15. Bless you! I’ve spent some time at the VA hospital with my Dad before he passed away and your work will be so appreciated. I think the men will have a wonderful connection to the past when so many women did handwork that was treasured forever.

  16. Thank you for making bird #1 available to me for printing. I’m making walker tote bags for the VA hospital. Most of them will have hand embroidered fronts. It’s been difficult for me to find suitable transfer/patterns for the totes for the men…this one will be appropriate…thanks again!

  17. Sorry, I don’t have any cardinal-only DOW patterns. If you could find 7 different cardinals then you could add your own days of the week.

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