Vintage Butterfly Embroidery Patterns

antique butterfly

Here’s a few vintage butterfly patterns for your stitching pleasure.




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  1. There are a couple of methods to transfer to cloth. You can use a light box (diy – lamp under a glass coffee table) or tape the image to a window, place the fabric on top and trace with a pencil or micro pen with disappearing ink. You can also use a special pen or pencil and trace the lines on the paper thereby turning it into a hot iron transfer much like the original pattern. Just be sure and reverse the image beforehand especially if it contains words. The transfer pens/pencils can be purchased through the Colonial Patterns site or any JoAnn store. Michaels and Hobby Lobby should have them as well.

  2. I’ve read reports of crayola washable markers being used for marking quilts and the ink washing out OK. My own tests bear this out even with cheap dollar store washable markers. As for setting up a mass production transfer, maybe having a custom rubber stamp made might be the fastest and still be economical. A quick search turned up washable stamp pads at Staples and there are plenty of custom stamp makers online.

    Good luck with your project!

  3. I am stitching white on white on 200 hankies. Does anyone have ideas for quickly transferring the design to each hankie? Also, I need the finished product to look completely white, so the transfer will need to be able to be washed/ironed/etc. out. Or maybe a pale gray transfer would be light enough to be covered by the white thread? Thank you for any suggestions!

  4. All the patterns are free. Simply save to your computer and print to the desired size. Trace directly onto fabric or trace the lines on the paper with a transfer pen that will give you a hot iron transfer. If you use the transfer pen be sure and reverse the image first so it will “stamp” correctly.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these precious pieces of art and skill. Pls send more info on how to request. Thank you!,

  6. love these butterflies, something so nice about the vintage designs, maybe I feel at home with them being of a vintage era myself

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  8. So sweet! I have a few table runners with butterflies like this embroidered by my grandma! She just passed away last month at the age of 102 but stopped stitching many years ago! I’m going to try to continue her legacy by stitching the vintage designs she loved so much. Problem is she never taught me how to embroider ( I never wanted to learn) but she did teach me to crochet!
    She left a set of tea towels ( colonial girls days of the week) that I’m going to try and complete…she ironed on the transfers and stitched all but the last one.

  9. Thank you for these lovely butterflies, I lost a pattern I had for my candlewick quilt. These are really beautiful. How lovely to be so talented.

  10. Thank you for the butterflies. I wanted to paint a tee shirt and overblouse like I bought years ago in Aruba. These will be great.

  11. I was looking for cheerful butterfly images to make cards for the kids to color, and found your site through Google images. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! They will certainly cheer up our ailing friend!

  12. All the patterns are free. You’ll need to print them from your computer and then use your favorite method for transferring the patterns to your fabric.

  13. felicidades por ser tan originales colgando esquemas que no sean ni de medio punto ni de patch,me gustaria recivir correos tuyos con las novedades que vayas colgango,un abrazo,angels

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