Forget Me Not and Colonial Garden Vintage Quilt Pattern

forget me not quilt patternThe octagons are easy to cut if you use the rotary cutter to make squares and then lop off the corners.

To download the free Forget Me Not pattern as a pdf file click here



  1. Thank you very much for sharing your patterns I didn’t start quilting until the early 90’s and I love quilting. I love doing hand work

  2. I grew up playing underneath big quilts that were set up for all the ladies to work on together – and now that I’ve raised my family it’s time to get my own hand in. What a legacy those patterns from your grandmother are! Please let us all know if you get them loaded so we can share them with the next generation! God Bless!

  3. Blessings to your granny for teaching you how to quilt! I didn’t start until the 80s and that’s when the fabric stash really started getting out of hand 🙂

  4. God bless you for sharring your patterns.I have been quilting for 41 years,my granny Annie E.Hicks thought me when I was 5 ,every year I try to make at least 5 quilts.My seacert is to make the quilt tops in January and hand quilt them all by November,that way they will be done for Christmas gifts and I have one left over to sell.I dont have very many pics. of the quilts I have done back in the early 1968 to 1981 only drawing diagrams granny and I have made but I do have about 4,167 books and patterns that I have collected over the years.I’am trying to learn how to down load them on to my pc to share with all the quilters out there.LOVE THIS QUILTING SITE .Thanks again for the patterns.

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