Christmas Embroidery Patterns

christmas tree and gifts embroidery pattern

Embroidery patterns for a very merry Christmas!


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  1. je ne comprend pas l’anglais et ne sait si vous allez me comprendre.merci pour ses merveilleux modeles

  2. There are a few methods of transfer. Once you have printed out the pattern you can tape it to a window and position the fabric on top and trace with a washable marker. I use this quick and easy old school method all the time. Or, you can purchase a transfer pencil/pen and trace the paper design and that will turn your printer copy into a hot iron transfer. The transfer pencil method is usually good for a few stampings. Just remember that a transfer pencil tracing will be reversed which is critical if the design contains any wording. For the hot iron method, look for brands like Dritz or Aunt Martha and even Sulky makes a pen for this purpose. Here’s what Sublime Stitching recommends using tracing paper:

  3. Cherrie Fowler-Paul

    Have just discovered your amazingly generous site, am so excited remembering the patterns from my childhood and the work of my mother, grandmother and great aunts. The only issue I have is I am not sure how you would print off the pattern from your site so that it would imprint onto the fabric. If you can suggest a site or technique I would be most grateful Cherrie in Dubai

  4. It is nice to give presents in pretty bags or even pillow cases wirh Christmas designs. Once I made a friend’s doll a Christmas stocking. Doll size. With doll stuff in it.

  5. Thank you for the patterns…I am making cards and ornaments this year and you have given me some more patterns to use.

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