boy with hobby horse embroidery pattern

Bedtime Embroidery Patterns

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Here’s a couple of patterns to inspire sound sleep for the little ones. Ok, maybe not but you’ll have fun stitching them anyway.

good night pillowcase embroidery pattern

Good Night Girls Embroidery Patterns

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Designed for pillowcases these girls and nightgowns are sized at 11″ wide so set your printer to “landscape” unless you don’t want the full width.

umbrella girl embroidery pattern

Cute Kids Embroidery Patterns

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A boy ready for school, a girl with the sense to use an umbrella when raindrops fall and adorable kids on a swing.

farm boy embroidery pattern

Farm Girl and Boy Embroidery Patterns

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Adorable kids working the back forty. Not sure what the girl is carrying but it should be a freshly baked pie…… because…..who doesn’t love pie?